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Tuscaloosa County mentor group reaches out to jailed youth to break cycle

(Source: Ugochi Illoka/WBRC) (Source: Ugochi Illoka/WBRC)

When it comes to keeping kids out of trouble, sometimes all it takes is a little community action.

A local mentoring program is helping juveniles in jail get a fresh start.

Mind Changers is a mentorship group that is stepping inside jail walls at the Tuscaloosa County Juvenile Detention Center, to break the cycle of the same teens getting locked up over and over again.

Mind Changers CEO Rodney Pelt said this whole program is meant to inspire young people to think and plan for a better future before they get out.

With the help of facility directors, mentors come in and teach character building skills and how to resolve conflict.

Their hope is to turn these young lives around.

"Our youth are dying everyday. And maybe not physically but mentally they're dying everyday. Anything we can do to give them some CPR, to get them back on the right course, get them back on the right track. Hey we're going to do it regardless if they are in jail or school,” said Pelt.

Mind Changers also extends their program to schools, churches, after school activities and more.

If you’d like to help support the program donate here: Paypal Mindchangers1@gmail.com

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