Family pleads for missing Woodstock man's safe return home

Family pleads for missing Woodstock man's safe return home

WOODSTOCK, AL (WBRC) - The family of  a man from Woodstock who has been missing for almost a week is pleading for his safe return.

Woodstock police said they're getting a search warrant to go through 30-year old Jacob Smith's bank records to see if any activity will lead them to Smith, the family said that's all they want.

Jacob's older brother Nathan Smith and his dad Jacob Smith describe this week as the longest one ever. "It don't it don't make sense," said Dad Ralph Smith. A nightmare that the Smith family is hoping to wake up from. "It ain't him," said Ralph Smith

Tears were hard to hold back when talking about his missing son. "What happened to my baby," said Ralph Smith.

Nathan Smith said the last time he saw his baby brother was last Wednesday night, before they both went to bed,  that morning he was gone.

"He never called and then they found his car and then reality really hit," said Nathan Smith.

Police found Jacob's Ford Fusion Thursday night not far from his house, but no sign of Jacob. "Sit and wait hoping that the next time the phone rings it's him," said Nathan Smith.

The family said they got a note from someone saying they saw Jacob Saturday, that's also the last time a ping shows he used his cell phone.

"We just need to know something so we can quit worrying," said Nathan Smith. While they wait for hopefully good news, they continue to spread the word.

"We got it all over facebook and social media that's all I do sit and scroll," said Ralph Smith.

Woodstock police is also working to get their hands on another search warrant for Jacob Smith's car.

Call Woodstock Police at 205-938-9367 if you have any information regarding Smith's whereabouts.

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Copyright 2017 WBRC. All rights reserved.