New Hoover Arts Commission could help artists on the Bluff

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - The clock is ticking for the Artists on the Bluff organization housed at the old Bluff Park Elementary School. 

The Hoover school system has given them until the end of this year to find a new home.

But a newly formed committee could be a help with that effort.

That exploratory committee was started by Hoover City Councilman Curt Posey.

He wanted to find a way to help fund and support all of the different art forms in the city including visual as well as performing arts. 

The committee is discussing the formation of a new arts commission for Hoover.

They would have several different tasks. 

One would be to find and write gr ants that would help fund different art programs. 

Another is finding a place for a performing arts center in the city.

Also they want to help make sure Artists on the Bluff continues to have a presence in Hoover.

Rick Lazenby is a resident artist with AOTB and supports the idea of a commission.

"Oh I think that's exciting.  Any time you can get a municipality to come together and try to promote the arts, that's right up my alley," Lazenby says.

Councilor Posey says he hopes to get the issue of a commission before the full council and hopefully get it approved before the end of this year.

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