Concord and McCalla storm shelters behind schedule

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Wednesday is the start of the secondary tornado season in Alabama.

One Jefferson County Commission is upset two storm shelters are behind schedule for Concord and McCalla. 

Jefferson County Commissioner Jimmie Stephens represents the Concord and McCalla area.

Stephens expressed his dissatisfaction today during a commission committee meeting. Stephens was told the storm shelter in Concord had a contractor who built part of the shelter but the roof was defective.

The contractor later declared bankruptcy stalling the project. A second storm shelter for McCalla is stalled because Native American artifacts were discovered on the property off of Eastern Valley Road.

There is a storm shelter over on Pocahontas Road which is ready to open but Stephens wants all the shelters under construction and open.

"We missed the November secondary season now but I'm going to make sure that we do make the spring season. These people need that protection," Stephens said.

The county is working with a bonding company to continue the work in Concord. The county will have to use federal funds to account for the artifacts.

Stephens hopes to have the shelter ready by spring.

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