Show of unity at Magic City Classic by Birmingham's past, present, and future mayors

Show of unity at Magic City Classic by Birmingham's past, present, and future mayors

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A picture is sometimes worth a thousand words but with this one, there's only one word that comes to mind, unity.  The picture snapped at the Magic City Classic Game this weekend, represents Birmingham's past, present and future.

In the photo, Mayors Dr. Richard Arrington Jr, William Bell, Bernard Kincaid, and Mayor-Elect Randall Woodfin all pose together. "It's almost like a brotherhood to be very honest and I think each one of us, truly enjoyed it," said Former Mayor Richard Arrington.

Arrington said Mayor-Elect Woodfin called him Friday and invited him to the game. It's an offer he accepted immediately. He hadn't been to the classic in years. Arrington, said he remembers posing for the picture, but not quite sure who snapped the shot.

"There were hundreds of people in the box and many of them are running over to us greeting us taking our pictures. We were just soaking it up. We were really enjoying ourselves."

The picture was taken just before halftime, while sitting in the mayor's press box.  He said it was a joyous moment.

"It was a good time. We had forgotten about the election except that Randall is the incoming mayor. He looks like a young kid sitting there with the older mayors. It was a lot of fun it was good for the city," said Arrington.

Popular radio host and DJ  Chris Coleman said he couldn't agree more. He is one of many that posted the picture to social media.

"When I saw that picture, I was like prayers answered. I made it my profile picture on my facebook page. This is phenomenal."

Coleman said this is what the city needed. "To see them wrap their arms and get in the same picture as mayor elect-Woodfin that lets me know that city is ready to move forward and think that was something the city needed to see."

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