Kids in need of prosthetic hands get help from UA students

Kids in need of prosthetic hands get help from UA students

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A group of University of Alabama students are using new technology to make prosthetic hands for kids.

"The need for prosthetic devices is more common than people would think," said Valerie Levine.

1 in about 200 to be exact, The Alabama Prosthetic  Project founder Valerie Levine said these little hands work wonders for kids with functional wrists.

"The string pulls against it and that's how it opens and closes it," said Levine.

The child can adjust how loose or tight the limb is using this screw.

"Children are great judges they won't wear something unless they like it," said Levine.

Levine said their team of four uses a 3D Printer to make the Prosthetic limbs after designing them and measuring the child's hand.

In the 3D printer is where the machine melts the plastic into several tiny different parts for 14 hours.

Then they assemble it and voila - a child's life is changed forever.

"It was just amazing to see them first put on the hand and kind of the learning curve. The best moment was one of the little girl's she had on the prosthetic hand and she held her mother's hand," said Levine.

Levine said children grow fast, so a  traditional prosthetic limb is not always affordable. It can run up to $2000 there's cost under $50  to make, free of charge to the child.

"It's important to be aware that these children are no different than other children their only stronger because of this," said Levine.

The Alabama Prosthetic Project is sponsored by the UA's computer based Honors program. If you're interested in donating towards their efforts contact their office.

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