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Halloween decorating ideas

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Trace Barnett, the Bitter Socialite, showed us some great ideas for your Halloween entertaining! He shows us how to gild pumpkins for a centerpiece and make a persimmon cocktail! Artificial pumpkins are great for their longevity but just look so, artificial. Give them a fresh, new look with a Midas touch and a stem that's anything but fake. Simply pluck the stem from a spent pumpkin, and adhere with a little hot glue. Gold spray paint adds a shimmery effect and dripping paint in beautiful hue exudes a modern flair. Trace used artificial pumpkins, gold spray paint, chalk or acrylic paint, hot glue gun & glue sticks, and a pumpkin stem. His steps include:

  1. Remove the artificial stem from the pumpkin by pulling with a moderate amount of pressure. Wipe the artificial pumpkin clean.
  2. Flip the pumpkin over and paint the underside by holding the can of paint 6 inches from the surface. Allow to dry. Repeat the process for the top half applying 2-3 coats; allowing each coat to dry between sprays.
  3. After the pumpkin is fully dry, pour an ample amount of acrylic or chalk paint directly onto the pumpkin and carefully move the pumpkin around to cause the paint to "drip" down the sides. Allow to fully dry.
  4. Remove the stem from a real pumpkin by twisting it off. A knife may be used if twisting is difficult. Adhere the stem to the painted pumpkin with hot glue.

And he showed us how to make a Persimmon Hot Toddy using 2 oz. whiskey, 2 oz. persimmon syrup, 1/4 cup hot tea, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, and 1 tablespoon honey. Put bourbon, honey, whisky, persimmon syrup in a mug. Top with hot tea and lemon juice. Serve warm! For more ideas from Trace Barnett visit www.thebittersocialite.com.

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