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UA cyber specialist explains what latest Equifax attack means for you

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A cyber-attack specialist at the University Alabama said the most recent attack against Equifax targeted the website, meaning data is not only exposed but unsafe, even if you've never applied for a credit card.

“The United States is the No. 1 attacked target in the world,” said UA Associate Director of Business Analytics Matthew Hudnall.

“Some do it because they are just interested in the challenge and some do it for money. There's areas in Canada and Germany that are attacking areas in Turkey,” said Hudnall.

The hacking is happening cause Hudnall said compromising a system like Equifax that has half of the United States data in it, is worth millions on the black market.

“Everyone is fundamentally vulnerable because everyone exists within these systems,” said Hudnall.

From light and phone bill info, social security numbers, and vehicle details, it's all collected by companies like Equifax and stored.

“People have potentially had their lives ruined by hackers,” said Hudnall.

Some can open credit cards, buy a house, and apply for loans in your name.

“They are thinking it's Equifax's fault and that everything will be ok if something happens to my credit they'll take care of it,” said Consumer Yvonne Segrest.

Well that's not always true, so Hudnall said be your own police for your personal information.

“You don’t want to say I wish I had checked my credit more or looked at it when it happens,” said Segrest.  

“Twelve-point-six million attacks happened around the world just today,” said Hudnall.

Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to prevent your info from being stolen or hacked but experts say checking your credit and bank statements frequently could help you catch it early.

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