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Listeners accuse WZZK promotion of being insensitive to Las Vegas shooting

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A video blasting a Birmingham radio station for a promotion they've been running has gone viral.

Listeners claim the ad is disrespectful and alarming in light of the recent Las Vegas shooting.

Brittany Hagemann is a WZZK listener that was frightened by the promotion.

"I won’t listen to them anymore because I don’t know what is coming on the radio and I have my kids in the car," she explained.

Threats by WZZK listeners after their music was interrupted by a creepy voice saying this:

I am sorry to keep interrupting. I am not a bad person, quite the opposite, really. Soon you will see how epic I will be.

"The first time I heard it I got chill bumps pretty much," Hagemann explained.

Listeners were concerned the station was hacked. WZZK took to their Facebook page saying that's exactly what happened and that their engineers were working to get to the bottom of it.

Jessica Wilson is also a listener and she feels that the promotion was tasteless.

"I think it was bad timing," she said.

Several others agreed with her. When Wilson posted the video to her Facebook, people chimed in with comments. 

"With everything that happened with Las Vegas, everyone is just heartbroken. I know if I had a family member or friend that was a shooting victim or there, I would not like to hear that on my radio," she stated.

The station revealed Thursday on Facebook that they were not hacked and it was a set up to promote their $10,000 giveaway contest.

The comments blew up again. Several wrote they were disgusted. But others thought it was no big deal, commenting, "Its halloween, for crying out loud." 

Craig Allen, the program director with WZZK, said, "The theme of the promotion was mysterious leading up to the reveal, you know? But, it was positioned at a perfect time because Halloween was coming up."

He says it was supposed to be a fun give away promotional.

"What we are doing has nothing to do with what has happened in recent weeks," he stressed.

"I think what they thought was going to happen back fired and now they have lost more listeners than they thought they were going to gain," Hagemann said.

WZZK said they have had the promotion planned for a while and that they think there is no wrong time to have a $10,000 giveaway to their listeners.

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