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Gasoline spill leaves officials concerned for enviornment


Seven-thousand-two-hundred gallons spilled from a gasoline tanker Monday on I-65 near the Morris exit. 

Contaminated soil has been removed from the I-65 median and placed in containers near the exit.

There is a concern because nearby Crooked Creek is a feeder for the Warrior River which is a water supply.

Nelson Brooke with River Keepers was out testing waters down the creek Wednesday.

"I was met with the stench of chemicals at the top of the bridge. When I went down to the creek, the smell of gasoline was very intense," Brooke said.

The tanker company hired United States Environmental Services out of Alabaster to clean up the contaminated water. Absorbent booms have been put out on the creek seeking to absorb as much of the gasoline as possible.

"Our very serious concern is if this continues to migrate farther downstream and it makes it to the Locust Fork of the Black Warrior River it could have an impact on rare and endangered species that live in the river down there," Brooke said.

Environmental Services was encouraged the absorbent booms was not changed with any fuel spill Thursday. Still, Brooke urges people to report any sort of fish kill or other aquatic life that might be impacted by the spill.

Thursday, the good news at the same location on Crooked Creek there is no smell of gasoline in the air.

Hopes are this spill is on the way to be cleaned up and people can start enjoying the creek again.

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