High school coach reacts to continued NFL anthem debate

High school coach reacts to continued NFL anthem debate

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The head football coach of the defending state champion Ramsay High School hasn't discussed the continued debate surrounding NFL protests during the national anthem with his players.

"It's such a political issue, one we haven't touched as a team," Ruben Nelson said.

In part, he hasn't had to discuss it.

The high school players don't arrive on the field until after the National Anthem is performed.

Still, he said there's a big difference here.

"You're dealing with grown men who make decisions on their own and I'm dealing with children," Nelson said. "The National Anthem is something that should be discussed at home."

Nelson doesn't expect the national debate to end anytime soon, but he has advice if his players were to ask.

"A lot of men and women have served our country and died for that flag. I would also tell them to search their feelings and make sure they know all the issues before they make a decision," Nelson said.

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