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Dog scares away intruder

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Homewood resident Shannon Johnson says he fell asleep on his couch earlier Tuesday evening.

Around 3:30 Wednesday morning, he woke up. First, he heard his doorbell alarm go off. Then, man's best friend alerted him something wasn't right.

"Alonnie, our dog, started barking, and I thought, 'Well, there is a cat, but I'm going to get up and check," said Johnson.

Once he noticed a motion detector had come on, he pulled up his security cameras.  

What he saw was a man just minutes before attempting to break into his home, first at his back door and then at the front. He was scared away by the dog barking.

"So, I don't know what his intentions were when he got in. That's what the scariest thing about this is. He wasn't robbing a vacant house," said Johnson.

Inside, was not just Johnson but also his wife and four children.

Homewood police Lt. Keith Peterson said this wasn't the man's only stop last night.

"He also broke into cars the same night," said Peterson. "He is being held on several felony charges right now."

As for Johnson, he's glad this individual is now off the streets. He's thought often about what could have happened.

"I just wonder what led this person to this point," he said. "This could have gone awful. This could have had a terrible ending. Thank God it didn't," he said.

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