Mother says daughter is the victim of sexual misconduct at school

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - A St. Clair County mom claims her teenage daughter was subjected to sexual misconduct by another student at school.

Now she's upset because she says school officials are allowing the alleged attacker back on campus.

The woman played back a recording of a phone conversation between her and who she said is a school administrator. In that conversation, you hear that the student will soon return to class.

"I just feel there is a better way to handle this, in terms of protecting the victim," said the woman. "All I want is for her to be safe, and for this not to happen to her again."

We're keeping the woman's identity hidden because of fears that by identifying her, we would also be identifying her daughter.

She said the alleged incident took place in the band room at Odenville Middle school.

She also provided us a string of text messages where the young man admits to touching and groping, and messages from her daughter asking that teen not do that anymore.

"You send your kids to school, and you just assume that they are safe while they are there. And she wasn't," she said.

The mom said she alerted school administrators about the incident in late September. She said the boy was sent to the alternative school.

We brought her concerns about the young man possibly returning directly to the St. Clair County Superintendent Jenny Seals.

She provided the following statement:

While we cannot comment on any specific matter involving students, please understand that the St. Clair County School System takes any allegation of sexual assault or misconduct very seriously and we work together with our local law enforcement official to investigate any such allegation thoroughly.  If our local law enforcement officials determine that any criminal conduct occurred, we work hand in hand with them to address that matter.

The mom also said she has filed a petition with the juvenile court and does plan to pursue criminal charges.

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