Homewood PD catches a break in recent car break-ins

Homewood PD catches a break in recent car break-ins

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - The Homewood Police Department has worked a number of car break-ins and auto thefts recently.

Finally, on Tuesday night, they got a break.

Running an undercover operation, they found two alleged thieves were trying to break into vehicles on Kensington Road. Two people were taken into custody for suspicion of vehicle burglary.

"I think some news got out some break-ins were happening. I believe we have copycats or people knowing Homewood is vulnerable to these We are trying to get the message out," Lt. Keith Peterson said.

Peterson says Homewood police regularly sends out messages on social media urging residents to be careful. The police advised lock your vehicles and remove valuable items from the cars.

"You don't want anything valuable in your car. I know you are parked in your driveway in your residence. If somebody sees it, they may be the average Joe blow walking by. something they want and they will take that as an opportunity to break in. Just keep all your valuable out of sight," Peterson said.

The Homewood Police Department urges homeowners to report any sort of suspicious activity.

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