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ESPN: Auburn hires law firm to investigate academic misconduct allegations


Auburn University has reportedly hired a law firm to investigate allegations that a mentor/tutor took a final exam for at least one player on the 2016 football team.

In the article on, it says a source told Outside the Lines that a mentor in the student-athlete support department took an online final exam for at least one football player.

That source reportedly said a tutor became aware of the alleged misconduct when they noticed a football player had a perfect grade on a final exam for an online course taken only a few weeks into the class. 

The report says Auburn University hired Lightfoot, Franklin, & White in Birmingham on August 31. ESPN says officials confirmed they hired the firm, but said the allegations of academic impropriety are false.

For more details about these allegations, you can read the full article on

Auburn issued the following statement:

The player for which we are conducting an investigation is not a member of the current team and was not a member of the team at the time of the allegation.  He is a former player who came back to school to complete his degree.  As you know from our statement he categorically denies the claim.

The allegation made in the ESPN story is false based on our review to date. The person making the accusation was a part-time employee placed on administrative leave in late August. She is making claims not supported by facts, and based on what ESPN told us this morning, before the story came out, she keeps changing her story. Neither she, her attorney, nor our investigation have produced anything to support her claims.  Neither has ESPN.

It should also be noted that the accuser has signed thirty-eight bi-monthly time sheets during her part-time employment stating that she has no knowledge or has not witnessed or assisted a student-athlete in participating in academic dishonesty. She has also signed compliance forms indicating no knowledge of wrongdoing.

We have no reason to think the allegation about the former student is true.

Lightfoot, Franklin, & White issued the following statement:

Lightfoot Franklin & White LLC is representing Auburn University in this matter. We will not be making any further statements.

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