Editorial: Maybe this time

Editorial: Maybe this time
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following is an editorial from WBRC FOX6 News General Manager Collin Gaston, which first aired on Wednesday, October 11, 2017:

Once again, we stand shocked as a nation after a nightmarish mass murder in Las Vegas.

I am hoping this time, we as a nation have had enough. I am hoping this time, intelligent discussion about gun and mental health laws will take place. Sadly, these are the same hopes I had the last few times, following the tragic killing of 28 school children and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary, or the 49 adults at a nightclub in Orlando, or the five police officers in Dallas.

I will remain hopeful this time, that the people of our country would put aside their preconceived notions and discuss all options that may (just may) result in some solutions to reduce the occurrence of such heinous crimes. That discussion should have happened and continued following any one of the aforementioned mass killings, but it didn't.

The result: people keep dying. Dying at a rate that simply isn't happening in other countries. A study published last year in the American Journal of Medicine says Americans are 10 times more likely to be killed by guns.

Look, I'm not saying this is a gun problem or a mental health problem. I'm saying it's a problem.

I'd love to hear ideas. Not defenses. I want to see action and not bashing the people on the other side of the issues. Let's hear some constructive ideas. It's gone on long enough that we can't expect those ideas and solutions to come from our government. If it's important, and it is, we the people need to work on this.

I don't ever want to do this editorial again. It tears me up that those teachers, school children, young adults and police officers died seemingly for nothing.

Maybe down the road, the loved ones of those who died needlessly in Las Vegas will be able to say that the night their loved ones died was the beginning of the solution to this problem.


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