On Tap Sports Cafe in Lakeview closes its doors

On Tap Sports Cafe in Lakeview closes its doors

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Since 1996, On Tap Sports Cafe has been an anchor on the corner of Birmingham's Lakeview district. So it was surprising to many to find a note on the front door Monday saying, "We're moving".

It went on to explain that On Tap's lease is about to expire and continued by saying "our building is scheduled to be redevelop by its current property owners".

"It wasn't an option to buy that building and the problem is it's an older building so it's hard to put 50 to $100,000 into a building you're never going to own," says Todd Beegle.

His family owns all four of the On Tap locations in the metro and he says they decided to move to a new development in Liberty Park.

"We did get the opportunity to buy a plot of land where we wanted it, as big as we wanted it and that just works for us," Beegle says.

Still, he doesn't deny that it will be hard leaving the Lakeview area, especially at a time when the neighborhood is growing with new homes and businesses.

He says while the property owner has been good to his family, he understands there may be more financial opportunities for him, too.

"I do think there is some desire to redevelop it because there is an ability to get more rent at that location because of where it is," said Beegle. "I think we're mutually parting ways. I don't feel it was we were kicked out."

The owner of the property owner is Charles Middleton. We're told he owns several properties in this area. We tried to reach him by phone and stopped by one of his businesses looking for him, but at the time this article was written, Middleton had not responded to our requests.

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