Mother of Mayor-elect Woodfin: 'I always believed in Randall'

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Ask Cynthia Woodfin-Kellum if she ever thought her son would be the mayor of Birmingham and her answer may surprise you.

"I saw Randall being something spectacular when I was carrying Randall," she said.

Woodfin-Kellum says she knew it the day she asked her older son what he wanted his new little brother's name to be.

"And he said, 'Randy.'  And I said, 'Randy is a good name.  But you know what? How about we call him Randall just in case he runs for something real important one day."

From the time he was a child, Woodfin-Kellum says Randall was always low-key, smart, knew what he wanted, but never selfish.

She was surprised when he went to Morehouse College, proud when he graduated from Cumberland Law School where ironically he was voted "Most Likely to be Mayor of Birmingham."

Woodfin-Kellum vividly remembers when he came to her last year, telling her he planned to run.

"And here's my response: 'You running against Mayor Bell?' He said, 'I am not anti-Bell. I am pro-Birmingham.'"

She says she always believed he could win and when he actually did -- that moment brings tears to her eyes.

She knows he will surround himself with a strong support team to move the city forward.

And for those who question his ability to do so at such a young age-she remembers greater leaders younger than he is.

"Martin Luther King, Jr. was just 25 years old when he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Can you imagine someone saying, 'Hey, King, you need to go somewhere and sit down. You're just 25 years old?' Why is it that he's 36 years old--somebody's trying to give him a hard time?  He's a grown man. My God, he's not downstairs in my basement, laying on the couch playing video games. That's a man. Let him be a man and encourage him to be a man."

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