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Detective: Jeffrey Borden has 'been on death row too long'

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The retired detective who investigated the double murder that put Jeffrey Borden on Alabama’s death row said he’s been there “too long.”

“He’s been on death row too long,” Eddie Deason said.

“Twenty-two, 23 years since this horrific act on Christmas Eve? If anyone deserves to die, I’m at peace with this,” he continued.

The detective recalls finishing a family dinner on Christmas Eve in 1993 when he was called to a crime scene on Rushton Street in Gardendale.

“It was just a horrific crime scene,” Deason recalled. “Three kids. …the sons and daughters of a momma laying dead on the driveway.”

Court records described Borden arriving at Roland and Juanita Harris’ home around 6:45 p.m. with the three children he shared with his estranged wife, Cheryl, the Harris’ daughter.

In front of the young children, court records detailed Borden pulling “a .380 caliber semiautomatic pistol,” shooting Cheryl Borden in the back of the head.

“Her father, Roland Harris, who was also present in the front yard, began to run toward the front door of the house yelling for someone to telephone 911. The appellant (Borden) chased Harris and fired several shots toward him and in the direction of the house. Harris made it into the house as the appellant continued to shoot at him from the yard. One of the bullets fired from the appellant’s gun struck and shattered a glass storm door at the front entrance of the house. Once inside the house, Harris collapsed on the floor. At some point during the shooting, a bullet had struck Harris in his back,” the court records read.

“It was a horrible night for everybody on Christmas Eve,” Deason recalled.

“He gave us a confession of what he had done,” the retired detective said about questioning Borden the following day. “He had no remorse about it.”

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