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How does a bump stock work? Experts explain

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Bump stock attachments are getting national attention after the Las Vegas massacre.

The bump-stock essentially turns a semi-automatic into a rapid-fire weapon.

“You are pushing a force and using basically force pushing forward to control it so when the recoil comes back it resets the trigger and goes forward,” David McCullough with Central Alabama Firearms Training said.

Some gun experts say these bump stocks are just a novelty and not really that easy to shoot.

“The rifle will tend to rise and you have to push forward on the stock and be pulling back on the bump fire for it to operate so that makes it that much more difficult to actually be accurate. I would not depend on this to be an accurate rifle,” McCollough said.

The bump stocks are legal for now but McCullough says he’s not in a hurry to purchase one.

“Because of the ammo cost. You just run through the ammo so fast and you have to have targets to be able to shoot at. And it’s not as accurate and I’m there for accuracy,” McCollough added.

Some lawmakers are calling for banning the bump stock attachments authorizes say the shooter used. McCullough says he does not believe there should be a law banning it. He feels it could be a slippery slope if they were outlawed.

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