Tuscaloosa councilwoman reaches out to Congresswoman Terri Sewell about recent violence.

Tuscaloosa councilwoman reaches out to Congresswoman Terri Sewell about recent violence.

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - In Tuscaloosa, there have been multiple shootings just in the last few weeks, resulting in a series of homicides.

Councilwoman Sonya McKinstry who took her frustration to Facebook now wants state lawmakers to get involved.

Councilwoman McKinstry is over district 7, labeled one of the most crime-ridden areas in Tuscaloosa.

She's reached out to Congresswoman Terri Sewell's office to see if they can team up to combat this issue.

"I think it is important that Congresswoman Sewell and myself, as well as the rest of the African American leaders, begin to have this discussion," said McKinstry.

A discussion McKinstry hopes will generate ideas on how they can deter folks from turning to gun violence to solve their problems.

"If we don't make that initiative to be able to start talking to our state and national leaders then we just stay idle," said McKinstry.

Just recently a 37 -year old man was gunned down at Winston's mini-mart by a 19-year-old that police said they are still searching for.

"Whatever the formula is or the secret medicine to create or do away with all this criminal activity no one can seem to figure it out," said McKinstry.

She's turning to Congresswoman Sewell to see what help is available.

"Two heads are better than one and then you know we get you know there are different things with funding and resources. We can only fund so much you know we have a budget," said McKinstry.

McKinstry is researching if there are any state or national grants that could go towards local law enforcement.

Community Groups like Big Sistas with a purpose is looking to start up a Big Brothers with a purpose program to provide good role models for boys.

"Be more than just jailbirds, be more than just going to the grave. We want them to go to college, we want them to have some good jobs be good fathers and show them the right way to go," said Carleshia Smith College Student.

"If we can do anything to change the minds of the young individual while rehabbing the ones who are going this I think we'll be successful," said McKinstry.

She also wants to know if Congresswoman Sewell is aware of any tactics implemented on a state or national level that could be tried on a local level here to help reduce crime.

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