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Center of Hope: Salvation Army cuts ribbon on new facility

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It's called the Salvation Army Center of Hope. That's exactly what it will provide to people: hope.

"For us, it's about giving the clients dignity," said Major Roger Glick, area commander.

The Salvation Army cut the ribbon on the facility Wednesday evening. 

Glick believes so much can be done there, so much good can be accomplished inside even down to the little things.

"There will be people that will want to come to us that will not want to stay. But they will want to shower and they will want to do their laundry," said Glick.

However, if they do want to say they'll be new and improved living facilities.  That includes new dorms and even apartments where entire families will be able to stay.

"This facility provides us an opportunity to change our approach because it is larger.  We have more space," said Glick.

One new program being offered is the "Education and Workforce Development Center." The staff there will help anyone advance their education and career readiness.

"We want an individual to come in where ever they are. Whether they have already received their high school diploma to be able to get some additional training to get back into the workforce or to enter the workforce at a higher earning level," said Shanavia Moore, director of education and workforce development.

"What this (Center of Hope) allows the Salvation Army to do is really wrap its arms around individuals, and families, and put people around them that will help them on this journey," said Glick.

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