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New stores going up in Hoover, while vacant ones sit nearby

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Construction crews on Highway 150 and Stadium Trace Parkway in Hoover were working very hard Wednesday.

It's a sign of what is to come: new shopping centers.

The only problem?  Other stores are sitting empty less than a mile away.

"And we've gotten a lot of questions about that," said Hoover Councilman Mike Shaw.

Obviously, the city would like to have all the stores full.

"Sometimes it just doesn't work out that way.  Sometimes an owner can be difficult to deal with, they might have complicated lease agreements," said Shaw.

At The Grove shopping center, there are "for lease" signs up in a few stores.  One possible reason for that?

"In order for a retailer to come into that space, the rest of the retailers have to approve it.  And that can sometimes make it difficult to locate there," said Shaw.

Just down the way, there is another shopping center with the majority of the stores empty.  Shaw said offers have been made on the property, but so far the owners haven't sold.

City officials believe that the new developers are confident that they can fill their stores.  After all, they are spending millions of dollars.  

Shaw also believes that this area of Hoover is an attractive spot for developers.

"You're going to have people that have the time, and expense, and effort to build new buildings if they have difficulty getting into the existing buildings," said Shaw.

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