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Gun control debate after 'bump stocks' used in Vegas mass shooting

(Source: WBRC video) (Source: WBRC video)

The Las Vegas shooting has some folks calling for action to limit guns. 

The debate includes banning bump stocks like those used in Las Vegas by Stephen Paddock to turn rifles into rapid fire guns.  

David McCullough runs the Central Alabama Firearms Training gun range in Irondale. McCullough is a Marine vet, but he never used a bump stock on a weapon until Wednesday.  

The bump stock replaces the rifle's stock and if you use it properly, it turns the rifle into an automatic rifle firing off multiple rounds of bullets. 

"It's more for just fun. It allows you to fire rapidly at a target. It does make it more difficult to control. It's not easy to use," McCullough said.      

The bump stock is getting national attention now after the Las Vegas massacre. McCullough says he does not believe there should be a law banning it.

"I think it could be a slippery slope if we outlawed the bump firing," McCullough said. Suppressors are seen as valuable tools to protect gun owners hearing and in hunting. But gun rights advocates say the current practice of making people undergo a second background check, paying a tax on top the cost of a suppressor, and waiting to get approval is not fair.  

"The $200 deal and having to wait six months - going through the background check like you do with a handgun should be sufficient for a suppressor," McCullough said.

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