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Cleveland Browns national anthem protest triggers outrage from veteran


Cleveland Browns players took a knee Sunday, despite negative reactions from the crowd.

Now, a local disabled veteran is boycotting the team.

This veteran says he will not attend games, watch them on TV or buy any Browns' merchandise.

John Sneed fought to uphold the Constitution, but he's vehemently against the way the Browns protested Sunday during the singing of the national anthem.

"I got DeShone Kizer, who signed it. Right here and he said thanks for your service...This means a lot to me," he said.

Sneed, a disabled veteran, was a diehard Browns fan. 

"I served in the United State Army, Airborne Ranger. I served in Desert Storm and Libya."

Sneed says he understands the constitution completely and its guarantee of first amendment rights.  

"But, don't tread on the vets to get your point across. I've spoken with a lot of vets and they feel the same way. I don't mind them standing up uniting arm in arm. That's fine. I don't have a problem with that. But, yesterday, some of the things I seen on TV was disgusting."

Sneed says he also understands Colin Kapaenick's protest against police brutality of African-Americans, but he had a question.

"How many times has one of these athletes walked with one of the family members of the kid that got shot? I've done it. I've seen not one. Not one."

Sneed wants politics out of sports.
"Trump, I think put a wedge between fans and now the NFL. I fought for this country so even Mr. Trump could have his say so. Do I agree he said? No. Do I agree with how he said it? Absolutely not. But he does have his right to his own opinion."

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