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Extreme couponing

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BOSTON, Mass. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- A lot of us saw our parents do it and many of us have followed in their footsteps. Pulling out the newspaper and clipping coupons for everything from milk to mashed potatoes. Well if you think all that clipping isn’t worth it; meet a mother-daughter team who blows up that misconception.

Kathy Spencer, an extreme couponer said, “It’s fun, it’s addictive. We call it a coupon high. There is nothing better than walking out of a store with a carriage you can barely push and they’ve paid you to take it.”

And her daughter, Crystal Josephson, loves clipping too, but she prefers to ‘clip’ electronically.

Josephson shared, “Sometimes I can’t believe how good the deal is. I feel like I have this high like something, it’s like when you are doing something that is wrong and you feel like you shouldn’t do it but it feels good. But this isn’t wrong, there isn’t anything wrong about coupons. You’re doing things by the book and it feels really good.”

It’s hard to believe, but some years they’ve saved $60,000 on everything from clothes to groceries and even furniture. Kathy’s own website called ‘How to shop for free’ helps more than 90,000 followers cash in too. One big hint: stockpile!

“The Jello, I’m embarrassed to say, 500 I believe. For 500 boxes of Jello, we got about $100 in overages to use in the store, so that is why I wanted 500 boxes of Jello,” Spencer said.

Today’s target: stop and shop.

These women aren’t hoarding what coupons have gotten them. They give to food pantries and neighbors in need.

Spencer says, “It is a science, some people call it a craziness, call it what you want but it works for us.”

Another hint from Spencer, start with one store and one app. And Friday is the best day to shop with coupons. Kathy says she has saved on groceries, toiletries, pet food, gasoline, free designer clothing, computers, ink, video games and the list goes on.

For more tips go to www.howtoshopforfree.net.

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