Wenonah High School band asks community to help fund new uniforms

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - When the Wenonah High Marching Dragons take to the field, they deliver a treat. It's one band members look forward to.

"It's like a thrill to go on the field and play your field show.  It gives you a drive just to keep doing, to keep going," says senior trombone player De'Marcus Bimbo.

"You have to pay attention, be focused and dedicated," senior baritone player Symone Kirkland.

These days, they're playing in T-shirts, shorts and khakis.

For the last eight years, the band has been without uniforms.

Now, they've been invited to play in the Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC next May. But uniforms are required.

"It makes a lot of difference.  Normally, when the kids look well, they perform well and they really do a good job," says Director DeWayne Moore.

And while the DC trip is important, he says it's about more than just that. "It helps out when we go to competitions, half time shows."

The band needs between 90 to 100 uniforms. They've already raised about $15,000, but still need $10,000 more.

And they're asking the community to help. "Pennies, nickels, dimes.  We'll take it all--we're not picky," Kirkland says.

"It helps them a lot--gives them a sense of pride, being and belonging," Moore adds.

The alumnae chapter has set up a Go Fund Me page under the name Wenonah High School Band Fundraiser.

You can also donate at any Compass Bank.

Or you can mail a donation to P.O. Box 28373, Birmingham, AL, 35228.

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