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Secretary of State John Merrill says cross over voting law will be enforced

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Alabama's Secretary of State in town in Tuscaloosa Friday to remind us you won't be allowed to vote in the Senate runoff unless you're a registered Republican.

There's a plan to enforce this new law.

Secretary of State John Merrill said poll workers will be ready to check voters who come in to cast their ballot.

Poll workers Merrill explains know who those individuals were, who came and voted in the Republican primary.

 They will have a list of names of those people at the polling site and will be able to check them off as they arrive.

Now keep in mind if you didn't vote at all in the primary, you are eligible to vote Republican this time, but if you voted democrat before, you can't switch and vote Republican in this upcoming runoff.

“Well, I   think it's very important to remember that the Election will be in just a very few days and we have to make sure that people are aware of the Election. That they are aware this is a very important selection because we're determining who will represent Alabama in the United States Senate,” said Merrill.

Now, this rule only applies to 2017's special cycle.

It will start over again June 5, 2018, at the next scheduled regular Election, if you want to switch parties and vote differently then.

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