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Apple's iPhone X stretches the price point for consumers

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Apple’s unveiling of iPhone X comes with a record price tag: $999.
The cost, more like a computer than a mobile device, ushers in the next generation of smart phones.
“The product is designed for the way we’re beginning to use our mobile devices,” Dr. Bob Robicheaux of UAB’s Collat School of Business said.
Gone are the days of wireless carriers subsidizing smart phone costs through contracts.

The new model, buy the smart phone outright if you can afford to or like most customers, finance through a retailer, wireless carrier or even Apple.
Personal finance expert Stephanie Yates, director of UAB’s Institute for Financial Literacy, said knowing the terms, conditions and interest rate are key if you finance. She also suggested matching how long you expect to use the particular device with how long you must pay it off. Insurance or warranties are a good idea to, she said.
The arrival of the X reaches a price point once unheard of for mobile devices: $1,000.
“At the end of the day, the retailer and provider are going to make their profit. Above all else, Apple’s profit will be maximized,” Robicheaux said.

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