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West Alabama volunteers on standby to respond to Irma

(Source: American Red Cross) (Source: American Red Cross)

The West Alabama Chapter of the American Red Cross has volunteers on standby to respond to areas affected by what was once Hurricane Irma.

Chapter Executive Director Beakie Powell says that could be in Florida, or another area affected by Irma. She says some volunteers were called to Georgia, but have already returned home.

In addition, the chapter has just had volunteers return from the flood-affected areas in Texas.

Powell encourages anyone interested in becoming a volunteer to contact the Red Cross. She says they will need more volunteers as disaster efforts continue, and also to respond to daily emergency needs in West Alabama.
“There are so many different skill sets that people have, and so many opportunities with the Red Cross, for us to be able to match those skill sets,”
Powell said.

“And many people have the misconception to volunteer with the Red Cross takes a huge amount of time, and it really doesn't.”

Powell also says the chapter has been contacted by people evacuating to the Tuscaloosa area due to Irma. She says they have been able to direct those evacuees to local hotels with available rooms.

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