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Central High School to undergo State School Quality review

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Tuscaloosa City School officials met with the Alabama Department of Education in Montgomery Thursday to arrange a quality review for Central High School.

Central High School was on the Alabama Failing schools list last year.

This school year, Tuscaloosa City School officials are joining forces with the state to see what's working in the classrooms and what's not.

Full of energy and promise, students at Central High School are going into the new school year with a fellow Falcon on their side. 

Newly elected school board member Kendra Williams holds the District 2 seat where Central High is located. She graduated from the school in 1992 and said that was a time where it really flourished.

“I want to see my school Alma Mater at its best. Right now it's not at the best and right now it's not at the best but we are going to make it the best we are going to get it back to what it used to be,” said Williams.

Over the years, she, along with other community members, noticed a change.

“This has been going on too long. With the drop-out rate, you see children all day long who are not in school,” said Grandma Earline Jemison.

“It's sad cause we need to progress not regress when it comes to education,” said  Aunt Janella Jemison.

Williams explains the School quality review is a step in the right direction.

“Find out what we need to do as far as teachers students and principals to find out what the problem is so we can go forward with this,” said Williams.

The two-day review will consist of observations of teaching practices and meeting with school leaders. However, Williams said parents need to help, too.

“Stay involved in their child's education and be their role model you are the first head,” said Williams.

“Please do not give up on Central High,” said Williams.

The School Quality Review at Central High School runs Oct. 16 - 17.

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