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Tuscaloosa City School Board member wants teacher raise approved to be more

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Good news for Tuscaloosa City Schools: Teachers are getting a raise thanks to a board vote.

Newly elected school board member Erica Grant said no one sided with her in voting against the pay increase for school district staff.

She voted "No" because she believes the raise isn't enough.

“When you do get a raise, you know you want to be more than one-percent. One- percent you really can't see,” said Grant.

Erica Grant holds the District five school board seat and all though it's just her first term, she's wasted no time in expressing her dissatisfaction with the slight increase in employee salaries.

“I don't think we are in any financial bind with 233.8 million- dollar budget that we couldn't give the teachers at least a 3 percent raise,” said Grant.

Grant met with the superintendent and chief financial officer about how much money the school district must work with and is aware of their intent to boost compensation for teachers over time.

“I'm a firm believer that some is better than none, however, I do believe our teachers deserve more,” said Grant.

Deron Cameron executive director of human resources says they recognized counties like Jefferson and Shelby do pay their teachers more and now Tuscaloosa has made it a priority to do the same.

“It's part of our mission with our strategic plan we want to recruit, reward and retain our teachers. While we realize we hope we could've done more with the one percent our goal in the next 5 years to increase it to seven percent,” said Cameron.

Grant insists that's too long for school staff to wait.

“Next year is not promised and they just need a bigger raise this year,” said Grant.

Grant hopes to have future discussions about pay raises. Tuscaloosa city school staff can expect to see that one- percent increase by the end of October.

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