Tuscaloosa County NAACP chapter wants school re-named after late journalist

Tuscaloosa County NAACP chapter wants school re-named after late journalist

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - A local group is trying to get a middle school name changed and renamed after a famous journalist from Tuscaloosa.

Members of The Tuscaloosa County chapter of the NAACP met with Journalist George Curry before he passed away last year.The Tuscaloosa Native went to Druid High school known as West Lawn Middle school now, and the chapter president Jerry Carter said He never forgot where he came from.

"He always found a way to stay connected to the people of Tuscaloosa," said Carter.

Like visiting and participating in fundraisers for Stillman college and other events.

"He was so well loved and respected here because we always saw him and heard from him he was always in the community," said Carter.

No matter how successful George Curry became, friends and family tell me his Alabama roots kept him grounded.

"I mean he even wanted to be brought back home to be buried here, he's buried in Tuscaloosa," said Carter.

Jerry Carter Branch president of the Tuscaloosa County chapter of the NAACP said Curry was known for covering issues that affected the black community on a national scale.

"I can't think of a person of more deserving of such an honor," said Carter.

Tuscaloosa city school board member Marvin Lucas explains there is lots to consider before re-naming a school.

"There's a big expense to just changing all the materials and stuff that already have one school name on it," said Lucas.

Lucas said the school principal, parents and students will have an input too before a decision is eventually made.

"I think Mr. Curry was great in what he did to be from Tuscaloosa, to represent Tuscaloosa, He did wonderful things to represent this area, there is nothing wrong with the individual it's just we have to go through the process," said Lucas.

Carter said if West Lawn Middle is renamed after George Curry, they want journalism workshops focusing on in depth writing offered there.

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