3rd person arrested in Tuscaloosa brutal child abuse case

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Police arrested a third person in the case of a 9-year-old boy in Tuscaloosa tortured in his own home.

Robert Gordon, along with the boy's mother and her boyfriend, is charged with aggravated child abuse. Investigators say Gordon was living with the couple and court documents said he didn't report it.

As more details unfold of the horror that the boy endured, neighbors are still in disbelief.

"I ain't think something tragic like that was capable of happening in my community," said Lacordrick Hall.

But it did and according to investigators, the abuse lasted for at least eight months if not longer, when he was pulled out of school.

"How could you live with yourself and watch your own child suffer," said  Hall.

Court documents show the child's mom, Cecily Burton, and her boyfriend, Marzel Mills, locked him in a bathroom giving him little to no food and left hundreds of bruises on his back, several broken teeth and bones.

"I couldn't imagine that happening to somebody at a tender age like that," said Hall.

Investigators said the boy was also beaten on the head with a belt buckle.

"It was real devastating to me you know I couldn't imagine I got kids myself," said Hall.

Neighbors said they've been praying for the boy and are saddened by the brain trauma he's received from his injuries.

"I hope it don't damage him further than it already has," said Hall.

Dad of two, Lacordrick Hall, said although they didn't notice what was happening in that house, they plan to be more observant with each other moving forward.

"We all play apart but for the most part we do try to look out for each other in times like that we should come together more," said Hall.

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