New horrific details released in Tuscaloosa child abuse case

New horrific details released in Tuscaloosa child abuse case

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - New horrific details have come to light about a child abuse case that left a 9-year-old boy with brain injuries in Tuscaloosa.

Police said they got involved when a relative spotted something she says didn't look right.

Child Abuse prevention services in Tuscaloosa encourages everyone to do their part to notice the signs of abuse.

Neighbors, friends, relatives, educators, all need to be involved.

New information released from police said the boy who was tortured had homemade stitches from his wounds.

When the Child Abuse prevention services director Lisa Maddox got wind about what happened to that young boy, it shook her spirit.

"It just gave me chills I could not believe it happened here in Tuscaloosa," said Maddox.

According to court documents, witnesses reported the 9-year-old boy was beaten with a belt buckle repeatedly on his head, breaking his teeth.

"Every child deserves a parent, but every parent doesn't deserve a child. So just to think about someone at that young age endured that. You can see people hurt people as young as a year old so it is said," Maddox said.

And the details get worse investigators said it was the boy's mom Cecily Burton and her boyfriend Marzel Mills that gave the child bite marks and 100 bruises on his back.

The director explains even if you don't see any marks on the child, there could be drastic changes in their behavior that can indicate abuse.

"You suspect you have that gut feeling something is wrong. You need to be concerned and sometimes we need to air on the side of the child and not the adult," said Maddox.

The 9-year-old was pulled out of school eight months ago and investigators said he was kept away from relatives until recently and a call was made to police.

"We get calls from people out of the state and out of Tuscaloosa and they have concerns about a person. DHR if you are honestly making a report not out of malice you won't be in trouble," said Maddox.

Burton and Mills are charged with aggravated child abuse and attempted murder. The boy is now in the state's custody.

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