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Eggplant Parmesan Pizza

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Eggplant seasoning mix:
Flour ( add pinch salt and pepper) 
Egg wash - 6 whole eggs (beat with pinch salt and pepper) 
Panko Bread crumbs (1 box) 
Mix with table spoon chopped parsley, basil and oregano, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper 

Cut the eggplant to an even thickness of your desire. 
Dip egg plant in four, then the egg wash then the panko bread crumbs. Lay flat on a cookie sheet and refrigerate for 10 - 15 min.
Once chilled, place eggplant in the fryer and cook until it golden brown on each side. 
Place in baking dish.
Add/spread your favorite marinara sauce.
Top with Parmesan, and bake until parmesan has melted with a light golden brown color.'

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