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Road Warrior: New surface of I-20/59 in Tuscaloosa Co. to get traffic stripes soon

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Construction on I-20/59 in Tuscaloosa County is finally finished between Exit 76 and Exit 79. However, there are still a few finishing touches left to do.

We had a viewer reach out to WBRC FOX6 News and asked, "Why do we still have 45 mph speed limit signs going into Tuscaloosa when construction is now finished on that section. Looks like a speed trap, no workers, no equipment, just signs and troopers."

The WBRC FOX6 Road Warrior team reached out to John McWilliams with the Alabama Department of Transportation. According to McWilliams, the construction is complete, but the surface was in a mandated two-week curing period, which explains why there have not been any workers on site.

Last week, crews were scheduled to place the final traffic stripes on the new surface of I-20/59 but the rain got in the way.

"Once the rain holds off, workers should be able to put the final traffic stripes and then place the updated signs, including speed limit sign," McWilliams wrote in an email to WBRC.
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