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Lake View parents turn to social media to advocate for new schools

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Some parents in Tuscaloosa County gaining traction on social media after a Facebook page was started addressing why they want two new schools.

Currently, the Lake View area has an elementary school but that's the only school they have nearby.

A group of parents said they moved there with the impression that a middle and high school would be built but they have yet to see any plans.

“It's hurtful, it's deceitful and it's just not right,” said Dana Cottingham Mom. 

“We were told that we would get a middle and high school here our community can support it,” said Brittany Harris Mom

Over 600 students go to Lake View Elementary and all of them are zoned to Brookwood Middle and High School.  Folks in Lake View feel forgotten.

“We pay taxes here too our money is just as good as the other parents,” said Cottingham.  

The Tuscaloosa County School District said Lake View isn't showing the growth they need to get new schools.  But Moms Brittany Harris and Dana Cottingham believe Brookwood, which is 30 to 40 minutes away is too far to travel to school.

“If my kid gets sick, if weather comes up in form or fashion how can get to my kid in timely manner I can't,” said Harris.

And as far as the growth concern not having a middle and high school Harris said is hurting Lake View.

“They are not moving to this area because the school system is an issue,” said Harris.

Harris said a Facebook group called Let’s Build a School-Lake View was created by a fellow mom yesterday.

“It started with 12 people that's who she added the 12 people,” said Harris.

Now 500 community members have joined the group hoping to convince the school board to take another look at their much-needed request.

“My kids are not even going here anymore and by the time they probably build it my kids might not even benefit from it but I want a school in this area,” said Cottingham.

The group of parents plan to do some more research to see if a compromise can be met with the board.

Check out their Facebook page here:

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