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Visitation held for 2-year-old killed in Avondale shooting

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Friday afternoon, a stream of folks somberly filed in East Side Funeral Home in Woodlawn.

That included Jay McCall.

“I heard about this baby so I just came to view the body and support the family,” he said just before stepping inside.

It was the visitation for 2-year-old Ron-Narius "Duke" Austin. Austin was killed in a hail of gun fire when the SUV he and his parents were in Saturday night was sprayed with bullets.

“They need to take the guns and stuff off the streets. All this violence needs to cease,” McCall said.

David Wilson also stopped to pay his respects.

“To show my remorse, you know. It could have been my child,” he said.

David Wilson lamented not only over Austin's death, but those who have been accused of the crime, too. 

Four young men have now been charged with capital murder in connection with Austin's death. They range in age from 18 to 21.

“We always had something positive to do as a youth coming up.  And now they don't have that for the youth.  They mind is corrupted and they don't have anything to do,” he said.

He remembers the days of youth baseball and tutoring.

Wilson says when those programs stopped that's when he got in trouble and went to prison.

He says he's changed now, but knows the road others are on and hopes things change before more children like “Duke” Austin lose their lives.

“The city needs to kick out some money and be more responsible and give these kids something to do,” he exclaimed. “They need to put these kids first.”

The visitation for Ron-Narius Austin will go until 8 Friday night.

His funeral will be held Saturday at noon at Faith Walkers Church on Ruffner Road in Birmingham.

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