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Police: Teen fatally shot in Tarrant had keys to Jeep reported stolen in Mtn. Brook

Source: JD Williams/WBRC Source: JD Williams/WBRC

A teenager is dead and one person is in custody after a shooting in Tarrant.

Police identified him as Ralph Woodfin and say the shooting is the result of an attempted robbery.

"These kids, they just think they are invulnerable. They don't think they can die and then we have a situation like this, you know? They just, they think they're bulletproof in situations like this," Chief Dennis Reno said.

Officers received a report about the shooting around 2:30 Friday afternoon. The elementary and intermediate schools were placed on lockdown at that time.

Reno said the vehicle parked at the location had been reported stolen in Mountain Brook. He said the teenager that was shot had the keys in his pocket. It was a gold Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

The suspect is being held at the Tarrant City Jail.

The shooting victim is the nephew of Birmingham mayoral candidate Randall Woodfin. Mr. Woodfin just talked at our mayoral debate Tuesday night about the need to stop the violence in Birmingham and how gun violence took the life of his own brother back in 2012.

That brother was the father of Ralph Woodfin who died Friday afternoon.

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