Trussville residents upset about noise from new gun range

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Some Trussville homeowners fear noise from a nearby gun range may affect their home values.

Sheepdog Firearms has been open for a couple of months. When the indoor shooting range went to the city, it promised gunfire inside the building would not be a problem.

"When they came before the council before we approved the zoning, they assured it would be sound proof and there would be no noise outside of the building," said Trussville Mayor Buddy Choate.

But some people who live behind Sheepdog Firearms in The Crossing at Deerfoot started to complain. The co-owners of the gun range did their best to cut down on the sound by adding noise absorbing material to the walls and roof but you could still hear gunshots in the neighborhood.

"Rifle fire is basically 175 decibels and from the reading from the residents in the neighborhood behind us as well as our own readings we are getting 75 to 78 decibels," John Massey said.

Massey said that is too high and he along with his co-owners plan to bring in more sound proof material for the ceiling.

The people at Sheepdog Firearms hope to have that new material in as soon as possible. They are looking to be good neighbors in Trussville. "We want to help our customers. We do want to be good neighbors. As I said, we expended additional equipment for sound abatement over what was called for," Massey said.

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