Group asks Sessions, U.S. Attorney to recuse themselves from Superfund cases

Group asks Sessions, U.S. Attorney to recuse themselves from Superfund cases

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There's a new call for Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Birmingham's new U.S. Attorney to recuse themselves from a case.

The Project on Government Oversight, or POGO, sent letters on Wednesday to Sessions and U.S. Attorney Jay Town asking them to recuse themselves from any cases relating to north Birmingham's Superfund site.

POGO wants Sessions and Town to remove themselves because of their connections to key players in an ongoing investigation into possible public corruption involving the site.

Former State Representative Oliver Robinson will plead guilty later this month to taking bribes to encourage neighbors in north Birmingham to fight any EPA efforts to expand the cleanup area of this Superfund site.

Republican senate candidate Randy Brinson accused Luther Strange of being in the room when Drummond Coal allegedly offered state representative John Rogers a bribe to join Robinson in fighting the EPA.

Rogers and Strange both deny that meeting or bribe attempt ever happened.

But POGO's letter claims Attorney General Sessions has deep connections to Drummond including getting campaign contributions from Drummond and its law firm Balch and Bingham.

The indictment in Robinson's case says an employee of Drummond and Balch and Bingham offered the bribes.

Sessions and Strange both supported President Trump's appointment of Jay Town to be U.S. Attorney for the Northern District and POGO says Town supported Strange in multiple campaigns.

"He is coming in, this is by far the most important case that he will inherit in his district as soon as he takes over and it would be inappropriate for him to oversee or director or really do anything involving the case given the fact that his political patrons, all three of them, have received large amounts of campaign funds from entities that are apparently under investigation in the matter," said Adam Zagorin, a POGO senior fellow.

Session's office declined to comment and we haven't been able to reach U.S. Attorney Jay Town yet.

We're waiting on a statement from Balch and Bingham.

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