Veteran starts lawn care business to hire, serve other veterans

Veteran starts lawn care business to hire, serve other veterans

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It's obvious John Webster loves to serve others. For the past 24 years, he's served in the military, he drives a bus for Jefferson County schools, and he's a volunteer fire fighter.

Still, he wanted to do more.

Two years ago, he and his wife started a lawn care business called Battle Buddies.

"It's actually an army term," Webster says explaining the name of the business. "What it is---you always look out for your buddy to your left and to your right--battle buddies."

He started the business as a way to give his autistic son an opportunity to work. But as a veteran himself, he wanted to give that group as well.

"So when I have lots of jobs, I got to Three Hots and a Cot and get guys to help me do it for the day," he says. "Teach them time management, job skills, job pride."

Webster says the business will cut anyone's yard, but he especially likes to help out veterans like Michael Thorin.

"It's hard for me to get out and do stuff anymore.  I'm on oxygen 24-7," Thorin explains.

He was exposed to a number of dangerous chemicals while he was deployed and is now in need of a double lung transplant.

This weekend Battle Buddies will come and care for his lawn. He applauds the work they are doing.

"One of the key characteristics of veterans is our pride--we hate asking for help. And when he called it's just help you keep a little bit of that pride back," Thorin says.

It's a service Webster loves to render. "It's being helpful. It's a sense of accomplishment to help someone in need who can't help themselves."

If you'd like to join Battle Buddies Lawn care to work or if you'd like them to service your lawn, there are several ways to reach them.

You can find them on Facebook at Battle Buddies Lawncare on Facebook.

You can email them at:

Or you can call them at: 205-617-3982 or 205-623-7299

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