Flashing yellow lights coming to 14 Tuscaloosa intersections starting Monday

Flashing yellow lights coming to 14 Tuscaloosa intersections starting Monday

Starting Monday, The Alabama Department of Transportation and City of Tuscaloosa will upgrade 14 traffic signals along 15th Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway (Highway 215).

The upgraded signals include a flashing yellow arrow designed to help drivers make safer left turns. ALDOT sites a 2016 study by the Illinois Center for
Transportation, which found flashing yellow arrows reduced left turn-related crashes by nearly 25 percent. The study found a crash reduction of 36 percent among drivers ages 16 - 21.

The upgraded signals will feature four arrows:

  • Steady green arrow - Allows for a protected left turn where oncoming traffic must stop.
  • Steady yellow arrow - Warns that the left turn signal is about to change to red.
  • Steady red arrow - Means to stop; no left turn is permitted.
  • Flashing yellow arrow - Indicates that left turns are permitted after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

The new signals will be installed at the following intersections along 15th Street/Veterans Memorial Parkway (Highway 215):

  1. 26th Avenue East
  2. Kicker Road (19th Avenue East)
  3. 13th Avenue East
  4. Mall Access
  5. 10th Avenue East
  6. 6th Avenue East
  7. Lake Avenue
  8. 2nd Avenue
  9. Hackberry Lane
  10. Parkview Drive
  11. 10th Avenue
  12. Queen City Avenue
  13. Greensboro Avenue
  14. Lurleen Wallace Boulevard South

ALDOT asks drivers to expect minor delays and use caution in the work zones.

Some other locations in Tuscaloosa have already received these upgraded traffic signals.

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