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Attorneys set up shop at Miles College to help Fairfield tornado victims

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Parts of Fairfield are still trying to rebuild after a tornado touched down in June.

Saturday, attorneys provided free legal services to families impacted by the storms.

Following a storm of this magnitude, some people may need help getting FEMA and other benefits. They may also need assistance with life, medical and property insurance claims

The attorneys set up at Miles College's welcome center where they helped some with these same issues

They also provided legal advice on how to handle contractors who are coming out to help homeowners repair the property.

We were told the majority of the people who showed up didn't have insurance and really didn't know what to do at this point.

"We will focus on them because they need more help than anyone else. And we will see what will be available, whether it's FEMA, whether that's donated items that would be able to help us to repair their homes, to help them become whole again," attorney Lilly Rainey said.

In all about, 30 families took advantage of the free service.

They will be back next Saturday at Miles College form 9 to 5 p.m.

They're asking for everyone to come with supporting documentation if you have it.

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