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SECMD17: More questions than answers for Ole Miss


There is certainly a lot to talk about with Ole Miss. But as Hugh Freeze referenced at the beginning of his time at SEC Media Days, very little of it is about what happens on the field.

“Seems like every year that I've stood here, with the exception of my first, that there's other things that I have to talk about other than our kids. That's the least likely thing that I enjoy doing. I do not enjoy not giving our kids what I believe they deserve. But has been with the NCAA case ongoing, as I noted in our recent response to the notice of allegations, we have taken responsibility for the mistakes we have made. Our administration has taken what we believe to be appropriate action, including double-digit scholarship reductions, meaningful recruiting reductions, one-year bowl ban, and a large financial penalty just to mention a few.”

It has been a rough off-season over in Oxford. And on Wednesday news broke of a new lawsuit with Houston Nutt. Something Coach Freeze couldn’t discuss, “I would absolutely love to share my opinion on it. Unfortunately, it's a legal case, and I can't comment.”

What he could discuss though was how he goes about keeping the Rebels motivated without any chance of a post-season berth, “They got 12 opportunities to play in the greatest conference in America, and you can prove a lot in those 12 games one way or another. And certainly we wish we had it where we could have some carrot at the end of those 12 games, but right now that's not reality for us.”

Ole Miss kicks off the season September 2nd against South Alabama.

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