Man survives being hit by train in Tuscaloosa County

Man survives being hit by train in Tuscaloosa County

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Lucky to be alive, that's how investigators are describing a man hit by a train in Tuscaloosa County this weekend.

This incident happened at the Butter Milk Road and Clements railroad crossing Saturday.

This is the same place where authorities said that man was hit this weekend after he was seen walking on the tracks

"We're very concerned when we see people or hear of people that are walking on the tracks or very near tracks," said Nancy Hudson, Executive Director of Operation Life Saver Alabama.

Railroad property is private property.

According to Hudson if you go on the tracks, you're breaking the law and most importantly it can be deadly.

"I mean you can walk along the railroad track and your feet can get stuck between the little panels or something, anything can happen," said pedestrian Michael Wilson.

Michael Wilson knows all about how common and dangerous this is.

"We've heard of people that were playing, and all of the sudden the track just closed and it caught them on the leg," said Wilson.

Those individuals, along with the 41-year-old man struck by a train Saturday night in Cottondale are considered very lucky.

As Hudson explains it could've been tragically gruesome.

"What happens when a train hits a car big crash. Well imagine what it's like if a train hits that person," said Hudson.

The weight of a train Hudson said could be up to 12 million pounds and take up to a mile to stop.

Something you probably don't want to chance, when you're up against one.

"Don't try to beat the train because even if it's a tie you lose," said Hudson.

Hudson said one of the main causes for train versus pedestrian or car accidents is distracted driving or walking.

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