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Tuscaloosa Fire says new sprinkler law could help save lives

Source: Ugochi Iloka/WBRC Source: Ugochi Iloka/WBRC

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signs a law allowing plumbers to install home fire sprinklers.

Tuscaloosa fire and rescue is encouraging citizens to consider getting a sprinkler in their home.

Along with a working smoking alarm this could decrease your chances of dying from a house fire by 80 percent.

Fire Marshal Gene Holcomb said when a sprinkler goes off during a fire it will calm it down enough in areas where you can escape.

He said the cost contractors usually charge is more to install a sprinkler.

Holcomb said thanks to this new law, plumbers can install it for a cheaper price, once they get a permit from the State Marshall’s office.

“Your main concern should be your family. I think you’re protecting your family, making sure your family has time to get out. I think if you look at from that stand point. There is no reason you shouldn’t have a home sprinkler system,” said Holcomb.

According to Holcomb some people think the sprinkler will go off even with no fire, if no one is home but that’s not the case.  

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