Lakeview businesses respond to area homicide

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - "I was kind of shocked.  You don't hear much about this kind of thing in Lakeview."

That was Joshua Sims reaction to news 42-year old Larry Duncan lost his life in the area early Sunday.

Sims is an assistant manager at On Tap Sports Cafe, which is just up the street from the scene.

He says normally around 4 a.m., there's only one or two places still open and they're winding down.

"That should have been the time a lot of people were just leaving, going home, waiting for Ubers, things like that," Sims says.

It was around that time when police say a man, who was with Duncan, got into an argument with another man.

Duncan tried to break up the disagreement, but when one of the parties pulled out a gun and started shooting, Duncan was hit and killed.

"I, myself, have only been here a year and there's not much like this at all," Sims says. "So it's kind of a wake-up call.  So we'll all start looking out for each other even more now.  It just kind of raises everybody's awareness even more."

Two of the men involved are public works employees for the city of Birmingham. One of them was on duty at the time. City policy forbids employees from carrying weapons while on duty.

Monday afternoon, city officials released this statement:

"In addition to the criminal investigation, this is also a personnel matter and investigation and the city cannot legally comment. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved."

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