Son recounts being caught in shooting, helping injured father

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - At Sumthin Good restaurant in Ensley, Jehudijah Woods and his father, Eddie Yearby, serve up not only food but positive messages. Messages that they'll reinforce after getting caught in the middle of a shooting on Monday night.

They were headed to the gym when they stopped at the Exxon on 1st Avenue North.

"We had stopped by the service station to get some gas and water so we can work out," Woods recalls.

Woods went inside to buy the water. His dad stayed out to pump the gas.

As Woods was headed back out, he saw two guys heading across the street towards the gas station.

That's when a car pulled up and tried to hit one of the guys and then the shooter got out and came around the car.

"He knew him because when he turned and saw him, he recognized him, then he ran," Woods says.

But he says by then, the shooter started firing, hitting not only the victim, but his dad, too.

That's when the victim headed for the store.

"I opened the door for him and he ran in just bowed down," Woods says.

Wanting to help, but still worried about his dad, Woods ran out and rushed his father to the hospital.

The bullet had lodged just above his knee. On Tuesday, both men were back at work for a few minutes. But Woods couldn't forget seeing the victim's face.

He says they have always tried to speak positive words, but now will do so even more. "To not say anything, like Martin Luther King said, 'To not say anything is worse than saying the wrong thing'. And that's my thing. I want to say things a little different in my own way. Got to do that more and harder than we had been doing," said Woods.

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